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Public Relations

Protecting your image, making your reputation sparkle & voicing the right message can be a challenge. Our communication recommendations and strategy are available to help you manage your public relations & achieve your goals.

  • Media Surveillance
  • Writing
  • Media Relations

Digital Marketing

Do you lack time to manage your online presence and you are not sure where to advertise? Our communication advisers can help you determine what platforms are best for you and what messaging to focus on.

  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Measurements, Key Performance Indicators & Improvements
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Communication & Marketing Plans

Choosing the right message, at the correct time with the proper tool and for the right audience. Businesses and organisation need plans and strategies to reach their target audiences. We can help you with your strategies.

  • Communication 
  • Marketing Plan
  • Branding

Strategic Advice

We can help you craft creative solutions and new approaches to minimize risks and demonstrate leadership during a period of change. We can develop illuminating strategies to adapt to pressures and change.

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You need to write compelling messages to advertise products and services but you lack time or expertise. Your organization needs to send press releases to the media but you require assistance. We can write concise messages and revise texts in both official languages.

  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Brochures

Project Management

We manage projects from A to Z: planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and closing.
What’s your next project? Let’s make it lighter for you.

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Social Media

Being present and active on social media is a must today. Social media offers your target audiences new ways to enter your front door; we don’t get a second chance at first impressions. Get advice to make your social media platforms shine et show off what you represent

  • Content creation
  • Management
  • Profile creation and branding
  • Social media advertising


Storytelling through videos is a great way to speak to your audience and spread knowledge of your field or promote your services and products. We can help you determine if this is the right tool for your marketing and communication strategy.

  • Documentary
  • Advertisement
  • Promotional videos
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Let’s Make Your Communications Shines

Businesses and organizations don’t have the knowledge in-house to master public relations and miss out on lots of media coverage. We write media notices and press releases in both official languages to help our clients reach their goals.

We craft tailored messages to help you reach your audience.

Focus your time and effort on the right places..